Target Audience

Completions engineers, production engineers, well services engineers, & candidates in the Oil and Gas Energy industry involved in the well completion and design process and operations.

Course description

The course will teach the fundamentals of completion engineering principles as it relates to well productivity enhancement. Candidates will be taught how a completion system is designed with emphasis on understanding tubing and equipment selection criteria. Candidates will be provided a step by step approach to designing and selecting the appropriate sand face completion type, including perforated wells, openhole completions and sand control type completions. The course will also impart an understanding on factors that impair well productivity and how they can be mitigated.

  • Introduction to completions systems
  • Fundamentals of well productivity
  • Wellbore Preparation and Completion fluids
  • Completion Equipment
  • Perforating systems and applications
  • Flow assurance and Production enhancement
  • Sand Control
  • Material selection
  • Tubing Stress Analysis
  • Completion Design Guideline & Class project