Target Audience

Completions and Production engineers, Well-site Supervisors, and other candidates interested in learning and understanding the fundamentals of Sand Control principles and applications.

Course description

Sand control is vital to reliable production in many unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs. Proper well candidate selection, treatment designs, effective field execution and post-treatment evaluation are keys to a successful sand control completions project. This course will teach the principles covering causes of Sand production, various Sand control methods, and design approach to Sand control applications in well completions & execution.

  • Identification of the needs for sand control.
  • Sand control methods
  • Selection of sand control method
  • Standalone Screen applications
  • Well preparation for gravel packing
  • Gravel pack designs
  • Gravel packing in High angle/horizontal wells
  • Gravel pack completion equipment
  • Perforating for gravel placement technique
  • Sand Control Stimulation techniques.
  • New technologies for Sand Control Completions