Target Audience

Production engineers, Completion engineers and field technicians who are responsible for the design, selection, operation and maintenance of ESP systems.

Course description

Electrical Submersible pumps are used in oil wells as an artificial lift mechanism. By decreasing the pressure at the bottom of the well, significantly more oil can be produced from the well compared to natural production. This course is structured to provide the candidates a high level of understanding of the ESP system and its applications. Emphasis is placed on ensuring full understanding of all phases of design for various well conditions, component descriptions and selection, field installation and troubleshooting. At the end of the course, the attendee will be able to identify, design and analyze a complete system with the aid of up to date computer programs.

  • Overview of artificial lift.
  • Introduction to electrical submersible pump systems.
  • ESP system components.
  • Selecting the proper ESP components.
  • Design Concepts and considerations.
  • Field installation and operations.
  • Application of NODAL Analysis principles.
  • ESP systems failure analysis, maintenance and monitoring.