Target Audience

Completions Engineers, Production Engineers, Reservoir Engineers and other Staff interested in methods of increasing and/or optimizing oil recovery through analyzing and upgrading the Completions and production system.

Course description

This course is designed to provide an understanding reservoir inflow performance and how it is affected by various completion methods. It focuses on the process of analytically modeling and quantifying the flow of hydrocarbons from the reservoir into the wellbore. It will also address the practical engineering approach for maximizing recovery from hydrocarbon reservoirs through a total “systems analysis” with industry standard software applications to optimize the completion design to suit the reservoir deliverability, identify restrictions or limits present in the production system and identify any means of optimizing production efficiency.

  • Introduction to Reservoir Inflow Performance.
  • Reservoir performance (IPR) in oil wells.
  • Wellbore/Formation Interface performance modeling, Perforations, Sand control applications.
  • Skin quantification.
  • Formation Damage mechanism and treatment.
  • VLP analysis.
  • Introduction to Nodal analysis concepts and applications.
  • Production optimizations with Artificial lift techniques.
  • Multi-well production optimization management.
  • Class Exercises and case studies