Target Audience

Completions engineers, Production engineers, Drilling engineers and well services specialists involved in the design and execution of Completions and workover operations.

Course description

This is a 2-days course is designed to present the use of proper wellbore preparation practices when transitioning from the drilling phase of well construction to the completion phase in order to ensure successful completion installations and optimized well productivity. The course will provide an in-depth discussion into the engineering principles of wellbore cleanout process and completions fluids applications.

  • Introduction to Wellbore Cleanout.
  • Wellbore sediments/debris: Impact on installation and well productivity.
  • Objectives of the cleanout process.
  • Cleanout tools systems. Cleanout fluids and chemistry.
  • Design process. Fluids filtration systems.
  • Wellbore cleanout efficiency and evaluation.
  • Field execution and process management.
  • Completions fluid systems and applications.
  • Class exercise.