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Sand Control Completions

Target audience:

Completions and Production engineers, Drilling engineers, Wellsite Supervisors and other candidates interested in learning and understanding the fundamentals of sand control principles and applications.

Course description:

This course will teach the principles covering causes of sand production, various sand control methods, and design approach to sand control applications in well completions & field execution techniques. At the end of the course program, candidates will have acquired the proficiency sand control principles, various methods and guidelines for appropriate technique selection, the proficiency in designing gravelpacking operations, understand the full functionality of gravelpacking systems including surface pumping equipment, fluids systems, downhole tools and sand screen technology. Candidates will also be introduced to the various advanced sand control systems technologies currently available in the industry.

  • Introduction to Sand Control in the Oilfield
  • Sanding prediction techniques, monitoring & management
  • Sand prevention: Rate restriction, Perforating for sand control & Chemical Consolidation
  • Sand Exclusion: Sand Control Screens, designs, selection & openhole stand alone screen application
  • Expandable Sand Screen Technology
  • Sand Exclusion: Gravelpacking systems design & application
  • Openhole horizontal Gravelpacks - Alpha/Beta wave packing
  • Alternate path screens application - design considerations
  • High Permeability Sands Fracturing - Frac and Packs
  • Field Operations; Job Preparation, QA/QC and best practices
  • Advance Sand Control Systems, Anti-swab Service tools, Single trip perforate and pack systems, etc.
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Sand Control Completions

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