"PetroCompletions brings the best of technical and practical expertise to ensure successful delivery of your wells programs and business goals" -
Dickson Omonze (Operations Director)

About PetroCompletions

About PetroCompletions

QHSE Policy

PETROCOMPLETIONS business goals is centered around our ability to consistently deliver outstanding quality of services while protecting people, ensuring operational safety and security and no damage to the environment.

Our QHSE policy is adopted for the well being and best interests of our clients, our employees and contractors.

PetroCompletions will provide leadership and commitment to:

  • Protect, and continuously seek the enhancement of the health, safety and security of our people at all times
  • Focus on the eradication of all quality related incidents
  • Maintain a culture of zero HSE accidents
  • Deliver quality customer specific needs and outstanding customer satisfaction with the implementation of continuous quality improvement management systems
  • Apply best practices, standard operating systems, local and government regulations and industry quality standards to all aspects of our services
  • Implement a concise emergency response plan to mitigate impact during QHSE crisis situations
  • Maintain compliance to our policies through transparent audits and review of our systems
  • Openly recognize and reward outstanding QHSE performance behaviors
  • Communicate openly with internal stakeholders and clients to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our QHSE policies, standards, programs and performance

PetroCompletions will consistently review and work with our clients to ensure alignment in our QHSE policies and standards.


Our Business Model

Established in 2006 to provide enhanced business performance to oil and gas companies through concise engineering solutions and people asset development in the well engineering discipline.

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