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Introduction to Deepwater Completions

Target audience:

Completions Engineers, Production Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Well site Coordinators and other petrotechnical professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge on critical design and operational requirements of the deepwater environment from a well productivity and integrity standpoint for completion systems.

Course description:

This course will provide critical practices for every phase of Completions systems design and engineering for operations in deepwater environment. It will present the uniqueness of the operating environment and focus on each critical component of the completion system including reservoir section, sandface techniques, Upper completions, intelligent tools and Subsea safety and control systems. Finally the concept of effective project management element including Quality and Reliability expectations, Risk Assessment and Scope/Resource Management of the Deepwater Completions project will be reviewed.

  • Introduction to the deepwater operating environment
  • Deepwater Completion Architecture & Subsea production system
  • Production chemistry and flow assurance
  • Material selection and tubular design
  • Completion fluids - Wellbore cleanout, brine systems, packer fluids
  • Sandface Completions - perforating and sand control
  • Critical Completion Components, - Deepwater safety valves, Subsea Trees, etc...
  • Intelligent system - flow control and monitoring
  • Well intervention considerations
  • Deepwater operations project management practices.
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Introduction to Deepwater Completions

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