"PetroCompletions brings the best of technical and practical expertise to ensure successful delivery of your wells programs and business goals" -
Dickson Omonze (Operations Director)

Organizational Capability Support

Organizational Capability Support

In-house Consulting

PetroCompletions provides In-house Consulting & Engineering Resource Tags (InCERTs*) fully assigned to our clients office for immediate and dedicated access.

Working day-to-day in our client's office allows our InCERTs to have an in-depth understanding of the client's needs and the best ways to execute strategies focused at improving well productivity, operational effectiveness and reduction of cost in a safe manner.

Key function of the InCERTs includes but not limited to:

  • Designing, Planning of Completion Engineering Projects
  • Field Supervision of Operations
  • Dedicated mentoring and coaching of clients staff
  • Drive Quality Improvement Plans
  • Act as project managers for short/long term projects
  • Technical research and access to current industry technologies and practices

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We are constantly seeking to hire highly talented professionals with core experience in the Oil and Gas wells delivery process, including Drilling, Completion and Production Engineering personnel and Operations supervisors. Our opportunities are open to those keen to work globally.

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