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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing

Target audience:

Completion Engineers, Production technologist, Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and other oil and gas technical professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of hydraulic fracturing principles and practices.

Course description:

This course takes a practical approach to the application of hydraulic fracturing and a production enhancement tool. Fracturing technology is explained to show its benefits and limitations in all types of sandstone reservoirs. All aspects of the planning, designing, implementation and evaluation of fracturing treatment are covered.

  • Introduction to hydraulic fracturing
  • Reservoir performance from hydraulic fracturing
  • Rock stresses
  • Fracture geometry
  • Fracture fluids and proppants
  • Treatment design and scheduling
  • Fracturing pressure analysis
  • Field application and quality control
  • Practical exercises
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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing

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