"PetroCompletions brings the best of technical and practical expertise to ensure successful delivery of your wells programs and business goals" -
Dickson Omonze (Operations Director)

About PetroCompletions

About PetroCompletions

About PetroCompletions

PetroCompletions is an independent consultancy firm established in 2006, providing solutions to the global exploration and production sector of the oil and gas Industry. We specialize in delivering well completions and production engineering services, to our clients in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner.

Our operating team of consist of experienced professionals engineers and specialist with key expertise in the field of completions engineering acquired over the years both from the Service and Operating sector of the upstream oil and gas industry.

PetroCompletions is engaged in the provision of the following key services:

  • Oil and Gas Completions Projects Engineering Consultancy
  • Provision and delivery of structured training & development programs in the areas of Completions/Production engineering
  • Sourcing and Recruiting of Qualified Oil and Gas industry personnel with Completions and production engineering expertise to fill Clients Contract and Staff type roles

Deliver superior completions excellence and improved production performance for oil and gas companies globally by aligning in a consistent and transparent manner with all our clients goals, maintaining impeccable trust and integrity.


Our Business Model

Established in 2006 to provide enhanced business performance to oil and gas companies through concise engineering solutions and people asset development in the well engineering discipline.

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